Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Movie Moment #2: When Harry Met Sally

In honor of New Year's (here's to 2016!), I thought I would post one of my favorite clips from When Harry Met Sally, which happens to take place on New Year's Eve.  I always loved his "I love that you get cold when it's 71 degree's out" speech in particular.  (Sooo romantic!)  If you haven't seen the movie, it's a classic - so go see it!  :)

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Planning a Wedding? New Wedding Sign Collections on Etsy!

^^"Elegant" Wedding Sign Collection - available here ^^

^^"Whimsical" Wedding Sign Collection - available here^^

After planning my own wedding this past summer, I can definitely appreciate all the little details that go into it.  One of the things that I loved was finding coordinated wedding signage that I could print at home - it saved me a ton of time and money.  I printed the signs on card stock and plopped them in a frame... and the result was elegant and professional.  However, I only found ONE PLACE to get a package of coordinated wedding signs, and even then I ended up having to supplement with additional signs I created on my own that didn't quite match.

Therefore... I have put some time into creating 2 Wedding Sign Packages of my own to help fill this void.  I'm telling you - it's worth it!  Each package of 5x7 matching signs is for sale in my Etsy shop for $5 each, and I will gladly personalize additional signs for you if you wish.  (I would also recommend getting your frames from the Dollar Store... I used these and they worked like a charm!)

Anywho, I hope someone out there finds these as useful as I did - and hopefully I'm adding to the selection out there!  

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Seattle Photo Tour: The Pike Place Market

I have been trying to get better at photography lately.  I have a relatively nice DSLR camera that I got a couple of years ago (a Canon Rebel T3i, for anyone interested), and I have been completely wasting it's capabilities.  (Just take a look back at some of my original blog posts - those photo's are AWFUL...!)  So I've been doing some research, and am trying my hand at getting better at photography - which is no easy feat.  Taking good photo's takes TIME, TIME, TIME (framing, composition, post-editing... it's enough to make your head spin!)

The best photography tutorial I've found is from The Pioneer Woman's "What the Heck is an Aperture" Series, and I highly recommend it!  

Anyway, my lovely husband agreed to accompany me on a Photography Adventure at the Pike Place Market today.  He has a nice Nikon that he's had for awhile (and I'm still learning my way around my Canon), so it was a great opportunity to get out there and try our hand at taking some good photo's.  Why did I buy a Canon camera when my husband to be already had a Nikon camera, you ask?  That's a great question.  Obviously, I don't always think things through.  :(  For what it's worth, I am really liking my Canon Rebel!

These photo's are my attempt to get better at shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and the whole photography thing.  All of them were taken in Manual mode (a HUGE accomplishment for me!), and although I have plenty to work on, I'm at least seeing improvement!  Plus, the Pike Place Market has so many great photo opportunities - it was fun to see what I could capture!

We started our Photography Adventure with coffee and a baguette at local cafe Le Pichet near the market.  It was delicious.  

Next we ventured into the actual market for some close ups of the fruit and vegetable displays.  They always have the most BEAUTIFUL fruits and vegetables on display - you won't get better looking food anywhere else.  (Which comes in handy when you are eating with your eyes...!)

I had to get a close up of an artichoke... of course.  Look how fresh this one looks!  Yum.

They also have pretty fantastic seasonal flowers at the market - literally rows and rows of them for as little as $5.  I had to restrain myself today!

You'll notice that I still have some work to do when it comes to the correct exposure and/or white balance.  Geez, I wish this stuff came more naturally!  Still, I hope you're able to get a sense of how vibrant everything is at the market - it's always bustling with life - especially on a weekend!

As everyone probably knows, Pike Place Market is known for it's fish stands - so of course I got a picture of one of them...  (everyone there was wearing Seahawks gear - Go Hawks!)

We also made a stop at "The Original Starbucks", although like the good locals we are, we didn't go inside.  Pro tip - the coffee there is THE SAME as anywhere else.  Skip the line and go to one of the many other Starbucks, only a block away.  (Yes, there are probably at least 2 others that are only 1 block away from The Original Starbucks.  This is coffee town, after all!)

The market also has plenty of awesome merchandise that you really can't find anywhere else.  Locally made honeys, jewelry, your typical touristy finds... you name it.  It makes for a great afternoon stroll - we really enjoyed ourselves with our camera's today!

We also stopped to get some Beechers mac & cheese, which is AMAZING.  Guys, seriously.  It's known as "The World's Best", and they're not lying - just check out their website here.  I think they probably have Beechers elsewhere, but it's made here in Seattle!  (Apparently they also make it in New York, but I'm going to go ahead and say it's better here in Seattle.)  :)

Finally, it was a Game Day when we went to the market, and there was a 12th Man flag flying overhead.  We're all hoping they go back to the Superbowl again this year!  Woot!

So thanks for taking the time to look through my Pike Place Market photography tour!  I'm going to keep working on my photography skills, and will hopefully keep posting better photo's here.  Please let me know if anyone has some tips!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Movie Moment #1: 500 Days of Summer

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I majored in Cinema Studies in college.  I loved every minute of it, but in all honesty... it might be one of the least practical things to do with 4 years at a University.  This was not majoring in the art of making film, this was majoring in the art of watching and appreciating film as a literature.  (Again, I loved every minute of it...!)  I also double majored in (wait for it) Scandinavian Studies.  

Next to Underwater Basket Weaving,  I think I've officially earned one of the least useful degree's out there.  (Did I mention that I loved every minute of it?)  Despite my hopefulness, nobody offered to pay me to watch movies in Norway upon my graduation, so I was soon left to my own job-seeking devices.  Today I do have a job I enjoy and am a contributing member of society (albeit completely unrelated to what I studied), so it all worked out in the end.  (More time for crafting anyway, right?)  Hah!  :)  After all, us Liberal Arts Majors certainly know that one thing is true:

ANYWAY, my point here is that I love movies, and wanted to start featuring some of my favorite movie scenes here.  I am truly inspired by so many scenes from various films, and I'd love to spread the love.  

My first featured Movie Moment is from 500 Days of Summer, which is a great movie.  The premise here is that our friend Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has just spent an evening with Summer (Zooey Deschanel), and he has a very happy (and eventful) walk home the next morning.  This clip (like many that I will share here) makes me happy - I dare you to watch it and not smile!  Can't we all relate to this feeling of being so happy you just can't contain it - and isn't it a marvelous feeling?  :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Leaf it Better Than You Found It

Fall leaves... is there anything that makes you want to go make yourself a cup of tea like fall leaves? Whenever I see a pile of leaves, I am suddenly inspired to curl up with a cup of Constant Comment (yes, I am a fan).  There are a million and a half things to do with fall leaves out there on the internet, so I thought I would go ahead and add to this craziness by creating my own fall leaf round up.  

To anyone listening, here is my #1 tip for collecting your own fall leaves for craft projects - try and collect leaves that are as DRY as possible.  Nobody wants soggy leaves - not pretty.  Any leaf that comes from outside will have some moisture in it, so also make sure you DRY it thoroughly before doing anything crafty with it!

Anywho, here we go:

  1. Gold Painted Leaves from Dio Home Improvements.  This project looks super simple, but the end result is utterly sophisticated - you could even "leaf" it up all year round!  (Hah...yes I did).

2.  Leaf Art from Just a Girl Blog.  I thought this one was unique, and it certainly makes for an eye catching end result.  Doesn't the idea of hanging this up in your dining room make you want to host Thanksgiving this year??  (Haha, or not.)

3.  Fall Candle Centerpiece from That's What Che Said.  Speaking of hosting Thanksgiving, if you are lucky (or un-lucky) enough to have such an honor, you'll need at table centerpiece!  This would be super easy (and cheap) to throw together with some dollar store candles, and looks very festive!

4.  Fall Leaf Mason Jar by Gingerbread Snowflakes.  I had to add a Mason Jar project in here, #BecauseMasonJars.  While I'm hash tagging, #BecauseModPodge works for this one too!  (I think all crafters should be worshipping both Mason Jars and Mod Podge on a regular basis.)  Would be lovely as a candle, or just to hold your extra bits and pieces in! 

5.  Realistic Leaf Roses from FabDIY.  This one is my favorite, because I've never seen anything like it!  Look how beautiful those leaf roses look!  I'm dying to try this, but it looks like something you'll need to have a certain touch for, and I'm worried about wasting some of my precious dried leaves from last fall.  If I try it, I'll let you know!