Sunday, December 1, 2013

Jack-O-Lantern Luminaries

I realize it is now December, but I made these for Halloween a few months back and wanted to get them on here before long!  They turned out super cute, and I plan to get them out again next year.  (What better thing to feature for my first post!)  Highly recommended for a porch or in the window.  :)  

Mason Jars
Colored tissue paper
Black construction paper
Mod podge
Sponge brush 

Tear the tissue paper into strips, and glue the strips to the side of the mason jar (covering completely).  Once covered, paint mod podge over the tissue-covered jar with the sponge brush.  (I found a sponge brush worked much better than a paintbrush...!)  Leave to dry overnight.

Cut out jack-o-lantern faces from the black construction paper (pumpkin-type faces for the orange jars, Frankenstein faces for the green jars, etc!) and glue onto the tissue-covered jars with more of the mod podge.  Leave to dry, and pop a candle into the jar for a pleasing glow!  (I found a tea light was difficult to light inside the jar, so an LED tea light worked perfectly!)

Inspired By:  
Our Best Bites (they also have a link to get the jack-o-lantern face templates!)

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