Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ornament Decorating Party

Some friends and I hosted an ornament decorating party this past weekend, and it was AMAZING.  Besides the fact that having most of my crafting supplies out and on one table was [very] disturbing, it was great to get together and be creative with a group of lovely ladies.  We came up with some really unique ways to decorate the plain glass ball ornaments, and of course I had to share some of the highlights.  I got the glass ball ornaments from Michaels when they were 50% off, and I think you can use almost anything you can think of to decorate these guys.  The sky is literally the limit!
Glass paint - stained glass effect

Seed beads and mod podge

Colorful feathers inside

Glue on ribbon, tissue paper or confetti - the one on the lower right used confetti with mesh fabric. 

Stickers and confetti

Squirt floor polish inside the ornament to coat completely, shake out the excess, then add a good amount of loose glitter.  Tilt the ornament so the glitter coats the entire ornament.  Voila!  Glitter ornaments!

Crochet netting around the ornament, or stick ribbon inside it!

Tissue paper and paint, stained glass paint effect and seed beads

Puff balls!

Christmas napkins and mod podge

cupcake liner and seed beads (with mod podge)

Paint - stained glass effect.

Mod podge and lace

Confetti and glitter star accent

Feathers and matching paint

Fake snow (on the inside), ribbon and red ball accents

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