Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gratitude List #1

One of the blogs I follow, Alphabet Salad (written by Laurel Regan) does a Gratitude Link Up every week, in which blogs from across the blogosphere share what they are grateful for in a moment in time.  I LOVE this idea, and wanted to participate this week

Isn't this a lovely reason to create a link up?  Let's just say I've been getting a little lost in all of the DIY project Linkups that I've come across (all of you DIY bloggers out there know that there are a ton!), and this was like a breath of fresh air.

So here it is - what I am grateful for in this moment:

  • Artichokes, prepared how I like to eat them:  with butter, mayonnaise and vinaigrette.  Anything else is not as satisfying, even if it is healthier.  Stop kidding yourself!  (I don't believe I have done a post dedicated to artichokes yet... which is a shame, as I don't think anyone reading this truly understands how much I love them...!  Stay tuned.) 
  • Three of my shows being back on the air – Revenge, Nashville, and Downton Abbey. I had some good quality time with them this week, for better or for worse…but I enjoyed it…!
  • The Olympics!  It never gets old, and I’ve been loving the Ice Skating. 
  • Tennis – I finished up my first round of tennis lessons this week, and signed up for another class.  I forgot how nice it is to be involved in a regular sports activity!
  • Watercolor paints – For some reason I always chalked these up to a child’s activity, but I’ve recently taken on a new appreciation for them, and registered for a watercolor class later this month.  Hopefully I can use it as a new medium to express myself through.
  • Down comforters – it’s been a cold one here in Seattle!
  • My friend Kate, for reaching out to me the other night.  So glad we are still friends after all these years.  :)
  • My dog Shipley for not wreaking havoc on the house lately.  I think we've finally contained you with that new kennel, buddy!
Otherwise, have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!  Please note that the image I used this post is from the Death to the Stock Photo project - please check them out!


  1. What a lovely gratitude list! So glad you joined in on the linkup! :)

  2. I also love to reflect on the things that made me happy during the week. It can instantly make you feel good :) Loved reading your list! I've only once, maybe twice, eaten artichoke in my life. I like it, but it's such an uncommon vegetable that I actually don't eat it. Haha.

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. You need to try them! One if these days I'll do a post about how to prepare and eat them. So good! :) I still need to try one of your smoothie recipes!

  3. How wonderful! I love your list and that beautiful poster... ;-)

  4. Wonderful list, Allison. Good luck with your watercolor class! I have no artistic talent, but I wish I did. And good for you for continuing with tennis lessons. I need to get back into some physical activity, but I'm so lazy. (And I love spinach and artichoke dip!)

    1. Thanks, Elaine! I also have no history of artistic talent, but am doing my best to change that…! I'll have to report back after the watercolor class. =)