Sunday, December 27, 2015

Planning a Wedding? New Wedding Sign Collections on Etsy!

^^"Elegant" Wedding Sign Collection - available here ^^

^^"Whimsical" Wedding Sign Collection - available here^^

After planning my own wedding this past summer, I can definitely appreciate all the little details that go into it.  One of the things that I loved was finding coordinated wedding signage that I could print at home - it saved me a ton of time and money.  I printed the signs on card stock and plopped them in a frame... and the result was elegant and professional.  However, I only found ONE PLACE to get a package of coordinated wedding signs, and even then I ended up having to supplement with additional signs I created on my own that didn't quite match.

Therefore... I have put some time into creating 2 Wedding Sign Packages of my own to help fill this void.  I'm telling you - it's worth it!  Each package of 5x7 matching signs is for sale in my Etsy shop for $5 each, and I will gladly personalize additional signs for you if you wish.  (I would also recommend getting your frames from the Dollar Store... I used these and they worked like a charm!)

Anywho, I hope someone out there finds these as useful as I did - and hopefully I'm adding to the selection out there!  


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