Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Note About TEA - and Happy New Year!

I am a fan of tea.  It makes everything better.  While I have also been known to be a fan of coffee in a past (and maybe recent…over a month now and counting!) life, it is a fact that my relationship with tea has always been nothing but positive.  I am currently in the process of trying to appreciate green tea more; I've heard all the stories about the health benefits, the anti-oxidants, the weight-loss benefits, etc… and I am intrigued!  While a cup of green tea has nothing on a nice steaming cup of Lipton, a splash of cream and a cube of sugar in my life (I like cheap tea, so what!)… I'm getting there, and it certainly is it's own form of relaxation.  

Speaking of tea - if you live in the Seattle area, there is a tea house that just opened that serves Rooibos Tea Latte's, which is my new favorite thing!  I believe they are the only ones doing it at the moment - it is Rooibos tea that is ground very fine, pulled through an espresso machine, and finished with honey and cinnamon (or nutmeg… unfortunately I am not sure which at the moment!  Either way it's divine.)  They are on Queen Anne Hill, in a South African tea shop called the Cederberg Tea House.  Check them out!  Thank me later!

Finally, I saw an opportunity today to combine two of my loves - tea and crafting.  I've collected some crafts I'd like to try based on my love of tea, and wanted to share them.  They would make such lovely gifts for any tea lover!  (Note that I have NOT tried these projects, but don't they all look like a lovely afternoon would be spent making them while watching Anne of Green Gables?)  I intent to try it one of these days before 2014 gets too crazy.  Enjoy!


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