Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gift Idea: DIY Decorative Jars (Filled with Goodies, and Reusable!)

A couple of months ago, I got REALLY into painting glass, and bought an assortment of the Pebeo Vitrea glass paints.  What is really cool about these is the fact that you can just put your painted glassware in the oven, and it essentially fires it for you, making your item reusable.  Fabulous!  I couldn't get enough.  :)  I also recently had an obsession with mason jars, so fortunately I had plenty of glassware around to experiment with.  While most people use glass paints to decorate actual glassware (drinking glasses, wine glasses, martini glasses, etc) I hadn't seen as much of mason jars being painted, and I thought this was an excellent idea.  So, I grabbed a few mason jars, and got to work!  These turned out perfect for Christmas gifts this past year, and the best part about them is that your giftee can re-use the jar... so it's essentially 2 gifts in 1!  A word of caution - I found glass paints rather addictive, so try and control yourself. 

Glass Paint (I used Pebeo Vitrea Paints)
Paint brushes
Glass Jars
Colorful Baking Cups
Goodies to fill your jars with (I made Martha Stewart's Bath Fizzies -  Candy would also work! 

Gather your mason jars, and decorate with the glass paint as you see fit!  I like the confetti look, as it's simple and turns out nice and elegant.

Fire your painted mason jars according to your paint's instructions.

Fill with your goodies!  I put the baking cups over the mason jars right before I screwed on the rims, giving them a more decorative look.  I also printed out some labels to describe my bath fizzies, and attached a tag that read:  "A note about the jar:  I have been fire-sealed and am re-usable!  Use me with candles or for storage!"

And there you have it - two gifts in one!  I really like how they all look in a row.  :)

Inspiration:  "Easy Anthropologie Confetti Tumbers" on Radical Possibility:


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