Sunday, January 19, 2014

Even the dogs are rooting for the Seahawks!

If you live in Seattle, you know how our city has been taken over by a Seahawks fandom epidemic.  Yes, we are a bandwagon town, but it sure is fun when we're actually doing well.  Your morning barista suddenly has her face painted green and blue on a regular basis, and it's a regular occurrence for the car next to you at the stoplight to have two 12th man flags flying from it's antenna.  Anyway, today is a big game, and when Jon and I stopped in at Bakery Nouveau this morning for some morning treats, we saw that even the neighborhood dogs have been getting into football.

It makes me want to give Shipley a mohawk right before we shave him as soon as the weather gets better!  By the way, Bakery Nouveau is amazing - they have the best croissants and macaroons.  Therefore, I have of course included them in my Local Guide to Seattle.  Definitely worth a trip out to West Seattle!  In any case - go hawks!  

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