Monday, January 20, 2014

Centerpieces on the Cheap

I was planning a large dinner for a work event recently, and while we didn't actually end up using these for centerpieces (we ended up going the traditional route and used a bunch of fresh flowers), I still thought they were pretty cool - especially if you wanted to try something a little different and/or extra colorful.  Note that an LED candle is a must here, since a real candle might catch the tissue paper on fire… which would be no good for your event…!

Tissue Paper
Glass Jars
LED Candle

Create flowers out of your tissue paper.  I followed this amazing guide to determine what kind of tissue flowers to make, how to cut the tissue, etc (from my Pinterest):

Put an LED candle in your glass jar, and put the tissue paper flower on top.  Donzo!  You could also make a bouquet of these if you like - what a lovely way to decorate for a party!

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