Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Colored Votive Addiction: Glassybaby

I adore Glassybaby's.  If you don't know about them, shame on you - check them out immediately.  Similar to my obsession with paint chips, I find all of the colors so inspiring.  (Glassybaby also donates a portion of their sales to various charities - the founder is a multiple-time cancer survivor, and many of these charities benefit cancer research.)  Truth be known, I have way too many of them, and was running out of ways to artfully display them in my house, other than placing them in various color clusters in different places.  However, we had a spare wall space near our kitchen, and I found these great floating shelves from  I bought them, hung them, and thought they would be a perfect way to display my Glassybaby's!

I wish I had better picture-taking skills to do these pictures justice, but I really like how these turned out.  It's a little more unique than another picture hanging on the wall, and really makes the Glassybaby's a statement piece.  Love them!