Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Easy Hostess Gift in a Pinch...

Charmed, I'm sure...
These were SO EASY it was almost disgusting.  Why anyone would spend upwards of $20 for 8 wine charms (or something) is now beyond me.  Don't fall into the trap - these are so easy!  And they would be adorable as gifts.  I went a little crazy making these and now have a jarful of them, but I figure we'll always have them on hand, and they would be a good hostess gift in a pinch.  In fact, they came in very handy when I hosted a birthday brunch for my mother this morning, and everyone was able to tell their Bellini glass apart.  :)  Not bad, if I do say so myself!

Note as of August 2015:  I now have these beaded wine charms FOR SALE in my Etsy shop, if you would rather not spend the time making your own.  Each set of 6 is sold with a round tin for easy storage.  

Beading Hoop Earring Loops (You can get these on Amazon, or they can also be found at any craft store.)
Beads to your taste
Wire Pliers

The beading hoop earring loops will probably come with one end bent upwards in a little hook, so that it hooks onto the loop.  To put beads onto the loop, you will need to use pliers and bend this little hook flat, so that your wire is nice and smooth.  String your beads onto the wire loop in whatever fashion you desire.  Use your pliers to bend the end back into it's hook shape.  COMPLETE!  Repeat 8 or so times for a nice little set that you can give as a gift - remember to use different beads so each one is different.

Yes, I went a little crazy here.  But the jar filled with them looks so pretty!

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