Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gift Idea: DIY Paint Chip Gift Tags

I have a lot of paint chips lying around, and not just from my artichoke paint chip project.  There is something so inspiring about them to me - the gorgeous arrays of colors, and then the beautiful color NAMES!  Who comes up with those names?  "Evening Hush" (blue), "Stained Glass" (blue), and "Happenstance" (also blue).  "Old Mission Pink" (pink), "Palisade Orchid" (pink) and "Santolina Blooms" (you guessed it… another shade of pink.)  Who knew that happenstance had it's own color?  Because I find paint chips so inspiring, I had a color wheel of paint chips laying around that I have wanted to do something with.

So, as they are about the same size, I thought that my paint chips would make perfect gift tags!  (And I was right!) 

Paint Chips
Rubber Stamps
Embossing Powder (if desired)
Hole Punch

Cut your paint chips accordingly.  Collect some appropriate rubber stamps for your gift tags (I particularly like the "to/from" stamp and the "thank you" stamp for this purpose - if you don't have these types of rubber stamps, they are readily available on Etsy!)  I also preferred to emboss them rather than simply stamp them, as I thought this gave the tags a much more finished look.  For those who are scared of embossing - DON'T BE!  It's as easy as sprinkling some powder and waving a hair dryer.  I was suckered into it in a stamping store and talked into buying an actual embossing gun, and when I actually used it…I realized that I had just paid $30 for what is essentially a hair dryer, which of course I already owned.  Now you are in the know!

Use a hole punch and punch a hole in the corner of the paint chip, and tie some string through it - now it is gift ready!  These would also make a really adorable gift for someone by themselves - just package them up in a pack with some string.  (I used embroidery thread, which seemed to be the perfect consistency for this.)  

Now happy gift giving!  These could also be used as tags for wedding favors or for escort cards.  I know I would would feel pretty special receiving a gift with a tag with it's own special, inspirational color on it…!

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