Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What I've Been Listening to Lately… February 2014

Do you remember the iTunes Celebrity playlists?  I don't think they do them any longer (perhaps to be replaced by the iTunes radio, where celebrities can create their own "radio station" on iTunes instead), but I LOVED the iTunes Celebrity playlists!  I don't know why, but I found it very entertaining to see what kind of music, say, Alanis Morissette liked to listen to in her spare time.  Not only did it have the song there to preview (just preview - this was not the streaming world of music it is today, people), but there was usually a little blurb about why the celebrity chose that particular song.  "My husband and I loved listening to this on repeat during a recent road trip..." or "My father would play this after dinner sometimes in the evenings, and it makes me feel like home..."  You would get a little glimpse into that person's life and inspiration, and the song would suddenly take on a whole new meaning. 

I discovered a lot of great music that I still listen to through iTunes Celebrity playlists (Patty Griffin and some old Otis Redding, to name a couple), and I have even been so enamored with the concept that I had Jon and I both make our own versions to share with each other when we first started dating.  (Haha, I know...  ridiculous!  But I totally enjoyed it.)  Anyway, I love learning about other people through the music they listen to.  

Since this blog is all about inspiration, and music is indeed one of the things that inspires me, I wanted to start sharing some music that I've been listening to lately.  I hope it introduces you to some new tracks/artists!  If anyone else has the urge to make their own periodic playlists, I would LOVE to check them out - send them to me!  :) 

February 2014:

1.  'A Case of You' by Joni Mitchell - The first time I heard this song was in the movie "Practical Magic", when Nicole Kidman's character is driving in the dessert and singing along.  I just heard it again recently, and it hit me in a different way.  Lovely lyrics.

2.  "Everyday" by Fiona Apple - I have a thing for covers, especially covers of classic songs done a little differently.  This is a nice/different cover of Buddy Holly.  I first heard it in a coffee shop - sounds like a coffee shop song, doesn't it?  :) 

3.  "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry - Can't get enough of this song right now, especially when walking to the bus after work.  Definitely an "after work" song!

4.  "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes - I recently came upon Linda Perry in one of my Google tangents.  (I have been known to go on Google, YouTube or Wikipedia tangents that last for hours...but it's amazing the random stuff you find!)  I had no idea she sang this song, but it's a good one to sing along to in the car...!  Takes me back to the 90's, and don't you just love her voice?  So powerful. 

5.  Empire State of Mind by JAY Z - This song has been the poster song to our Seattle 12th Man fandom on a few local radio stations - so I had to include it.  I have certainly been listening to it lately!  "In New York...where dreams are made..."  :)

6.  Banner by Siberia - Spotify recommended this song to me recently, and I actually kept it around.  I like the sweetness of her voice, and the gentle rhythms.

7.  I Got You by Jack Johnson - Gotta love Jack Johnson.  All his songs make me feel like I should be on a beach in Hawaii.  This is a sweet (but not overly sweet) song to listen to when you're feeling romantic. 

8.  Corona and Lime by Schwayze - This song is just fun.  Another good one to play after work when you are ready to get into the "party" mood.  It just makes me happy!


  1. Love your playlist! Love that the songs can be sampled from your blog! Love, love, love! I also love your DIY list via your banner. I need to make some tea and stay awhile!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! It's the Spotify widget - pretty slick! :)