Monday, March 17, 2014

The Gold at the End of Your Rainbow - Easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Postcards

I tell you what - there are times when I look at the things I make and wonder why I am a childless 28 year old coming up with crafts that would obviously be better suited for children.  (For the record, I am not planning on or hoping to have children anytime soon!)  I suppose one could make the subconscious biological clock argument, but in any case, I spent an afternoon this weekend making these watercolor St. Patrick's Day postcards - complete with a chocolate coin favor.  :)  (I very much enjoy including a small favor along with a simple card sentiment!)

I thought they were fun, and yes, if you have kids this would be something easy for them to make.  I think the picture is pretty self explanatory, but in the vein of all DIY blog posts, my instructions are below!  

  • I used the Avery 4-per-sheet textured postcards that I have blogged about before - you can get them on Amazon.  They make your life so much easier, and are great with watercolor paints!  
  • Watercolor paints
  • Chocolate Coins (I got mine at our local Cost Plus World Market.)
Take your postcards (or regular paper), and paint a rainbow on each.  I put one of the coins in the bottom corner when I was doing this so I could see how the rainbow would turn out.  You can probably paint your rainbow any way you like!

I waited until AFTER I had painted the watercolor rainbows (and they had dried completely) before actually printing the "You're the Gold at the End of My Rainbow!" sentiment on them.  This is because the printer ink and bleed a little bit when you paint watercolors over them.  It turned out much better this way!

I used regular tape to tape the chocolate coins in the bottom corner of the cards.  Boom!  You can write on the back to give out and/or mail them to others.  I thought they were a fun way to wish someone Happy St. Patrick's Day, along with a sweet treat!  Enjoy - don't get pinched today!