Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What I've Been Listening to Lately… March 2014

Now that I have compiled all of my songs together for this month, I'm realizing that they are mostly very acoustic-y and slow… I'm not sure what the says about me this month!  At least there is still The Script in there to liven things up, not to mention Phoenix.  Anywho, enjoy!  

This March, 2014, I have been listening to:

1.  1901 by Phoenix - This is such a fun song.  It's a really good one to drive to on a sunny day - put your sunglasses on, roll down the windows (if it's not too cold…) and feel GOOD!  Love it!

2.  1901 by Birdy - As I've mentioned before, I love covers.  I came across this cover of the previous 1901 by Phoenix, and it's a perfect example of how a well done cover can completely change a song. Whereas Phoenix's version is fun and upbeat, Birdy's is thoughtful and almost melancholy.  Fascinating - I can't get enough.

3.  Ho Hey by The Cast of Nashville - Yes, I watch Nashville.  If you like music (especially if you like country music), or even just some old fashioned dramatic television with some music thrown in, you might want to check it out.  This song was featured in one of the first episodes, and so far I think it's one of the best songs of the show.  Have I mentioned that I love a well-done cover version of any song?

4.  Big in Japan by Ane Brun - Every once in awhile, Spotify randomly plays a song for me that knocks my socks off.  This was a song like that.  I was immediately drawn in by how she sings this - rhythmically and with an undercurrent of emotion.  It's subtly powerful.

5.  Hall of Fame by The Script and will.i.am - I've started playing this song when I get off the bus, and am walking through the streets of downtown Seattle on my way to the office in the morning.  It's inspiring and motivating - nothing better to start off your day than something upbeat!

6.  Clown by Emili Sande - I LOVE her voice in this song!  It's like you can't help but listen to the story she's telling.  Apparently she wrote this song about her experience with the music industry, and losing control of her art.  It's a poignant story, and I've enjoyed listening.

7.  Dirty Rain by Ryan Adams - I have a soft spot for Ryan Adams.  The emotion and lyrics in his songs kill me.  This one is no exception.  The images his lyrics build along with the slightly jazzy melody is simply dazzling.  His music (a song like this), a craft project and a good cup of tea is my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon.

8.  California by Joni Mitchell - Yes, I may be on a Joni Mitchell kick at the moment.  More specifically, a Joni Mitchell "Blue" kick.  Well, I am now of the opinion that there is a reason this album is said to be "one of the single greatest album's of all time."  This is my favorite line, in reference to the state of California:  "Will you take me as I am, strung out on another man…"  Good songwriting!


  1. music seems to always be my down time pleasure! The Script is pretty awesome.


  2. Fantastic playlist. Love Birdy - and just purchase Hall of Fame! Lyrical poetry in music!


    1. I just discovered Birdy, and I'm really liking her! :)