Friday, August 29, 2014

Feeling Nifty in Niagra

We are in Toronto this weekend for a cousin's wedding - another first for me!  Today we took a day trip to Niagra Falls, and it was gorgeous.  Hard to believe that something so beautiful is entirely natural, and has been around for hundreds of years.

To be honest, I have personally heard the most about Niagra Falls in old movies from the 1950's - apparently it had quite the reputation as THE place to go on your honeymoon around that time.  (Which is so funny to me - I guess over 50 years ago there was not as much entertainment that could compete with a very large - and tall - body of water.)

Overall it was quite lovely; we saw several rainbows and got misted on to the point of being soaked.  Also, there are tons of amazing wineries on the way to Niagra Falls from Toronto.  Just take my word for it - make sure you have plenty of time for your drive back to the city if you happen to be traveling from Toronto!  We only got to hit 4 wineries in 2 hours!  

Otherwise, we are having a fun trip!  Toronto has a TON of TRAFFIC (and I'm from Seattle) - but nothing we can't handle.  ;)

Have a good weekend!

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