Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's All in the Details...

So I know I haven’t been writing… which is the cardinal rule of blogging.  (ALWAYS POST REGULARLY!) I am aware of this, and I apologize… but the truth is, as every blogger knows, life gets in the way!

As much as I hate to be generic, getting engaged has actually taken up a great deal of my time.  Whereas I used to spend my spare time looking up and pinning new craft projects to possibly blog about, I suddenly have a seemingly endless supply of things look up and think about:  what color should the tablecloths be on one of the most memorable days of my life?  (I’m still thinking about this!)  Will people notice if I use different shades of purple on the invitations than on the programs?  (Answer:  No they won’t, but I WILL NOTICE!)  Is there a limit to the number of Glassybaby one can have on each table?  (Hint:  The answer to this is the same as to the question “can a woman own too many shoes?”)
FYI:  The answer is "no". 
For anyone who has been following me on Pinterest, you are likely getting tired of my many pins involving “Asian fusion” themes, wedding ettiquite and seemingly random flower arrangements.  I apologize, but rather than be too apologetic, you should know that I intend to embrace this newfound obsession for the next year or so.  After all, planning a wedding is a crafter’s paradise! 

To that end, if anyone has any recommendations for unique touches you have incorporated or have seen incorporated in weddings, please let me know!  Otherwise, I’ve done a quick round up of fun DIY wedding touches that I admire.  Not all of these will be incorporated in my wedding, but one can certainly dream, can’t they??

Otherwise, enjoy!

1.  Lace Doily Envelopes by Curly Girl.  What a an easy way to make a big statement on your invitations!

2.  Dollar Store Tiered Trays by Dollar Store Crafts - No need to break the bank to display your wedding treats.

3.  Paper Flower Escort Cards by Project Wedding - Nothing makes a guest feel special like a little unexpected something.  Well worth the extra assembly time!

4.  Lucky Bamboo Arrangement by Wedding Flowers Made Easy - An easy (and non-wilting) way to make your own centerpieces or wedding favors.  

5.  Watercolor Escort Cards by OnceWed - Continuing with my watercolor obsession… these are a perfectly understated way to make a big impact on your guests.  

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