Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Apologizing

Does anyone else find themselves apologizing ALL THE TIME?  I literally do it all the time.  At work, at home, at a restaurant, with my boss, with my husband, with a stranger - it doesn't matter.  Just this morning on the bus, someone sat down next to me and elbowed me in the shoulder.  What did I do?  I apologized "Oh I'm sorry", and promptly scooted even farther into the metal window so this stranger could have more room for his giant elbows.  Really, Allison?  Yes, I absolutely did that!

I wanted to bring it up here because I'm sure that I'm not alone - in fact, Pantene even made this the theme for one of their commercials awhile back (see video above!).  I'm sure it's true that women suffer from this habit more than men, but the theme of remembering to assert yourself is universal.

For all of us who suffer from constant over-apologizing, we need to make a point to stop doing it, once and for all.  To commemorate this occasion, I am posting a free, 8x10 downloadable printable that I created to remind myself NOT to apologize, and to help remind others to stop as well.  

Remember to assert yourself - and don't apologize for it!  :)

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