Monday, September 21, 2015

Show Your Stripes!

Note that there are still imperfections in the wax here.

So here I am - another candle project.  Like I was saying during my last candle project, candles are SO EASY TO MAKE, so why doesn't everyone do it??  Get yourself a glass vessel and some wax, and you're practically good to go!  Granted, the candles I have been making still have some odd white stuff on them after they dry.  Google tells me that this happens because of the way the wax cools, and how I should used mixed wax rather than pure soy wax to avoid it.  Who knows - I still have several pounds of soy wax to use, and a little white residue can't stop me!  Plus, doesn't it add to the DIY charm?



Melt your first layer of wax and add your dye according to the instructions.  Google told me that warming your glass vessels prior to pouring in the wax will help avoid the white residue, but because of the striped nature of these candles, I couldn't do this.  If you're worried about white residue, it's something to keep in mind!

After pouring in your first layer, drop your wick in while the wax is still wet.  I had to use my stir sticks to balance the wick, since everyone wants their candle wicks to be straight up, obviously...!

Keep on melting your wax layers and dying them different colors accordingly.  Depending on the size of your glass vessel, you may have different amounts of wax, dye and layers.  Get creative with it!

I made 8 of these striped candles to give away as gifts for Christmas.  (Aren't I so on top of it...?  And it's only September!  Boom!)  I think they are fun, and you don't see very many striped candles to buy.  After all, if you can make it, why would you buy it!


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  1. I've always wanted to try candle making, but had no idea where to start. I think I'll start with this- love the colours and the simple way you've described it! Thanks!