Monday, August 24, 2015

Waxing Eloquent

Kindly ignore the white residue...!
Brace yourselves... I have officially gotten into candle making!  I am certainly not an expert at this point, but so far my feelings about making candles are similar to my feelings about making soap:  it's surprisingly easy, and why doesn't everyone do it?  There are also endless possibilities to be creative and make them your own.  Even better!  I also had plenty of candle making supplies leftover from my tea cup candles that I gave away at my bridal shower.  I actually got this project from Brit + Co, only their project used crayons to color the candle wax, which I do NOT recommend - it causes the candles to smell strange when they burn, and to melt a little funny.  (Side note - I think working for Brit + Co is my dream job.  It appears that their staff spends their days just coming up with interesting recipes and projects.  I could get used to that!)

  • Candle Wax (I used this soy wax.)
  • Wax dye (I used this dye!)
  • Glass votive holders
  • Plate Stand (or something else jerry-rigged)
  • Wicks
  • Wick stickers
  • Dixie cups (if melting your wax in the microwave)
  • Stir sticks
Inspired by:  Color Block Candles at Brit + Co

Start by making sure you can prop your glass votive holders at an angle with your plate stand.  You might need to get creative here - I ended up using some old styrofoam to get this to work, but the bottom line is that it did the trick!  Note that this is where your wick stickers come in, so your wicks stay in place.  Stick your wicks into the glass votives once you've gotten everything to stay!

Next, melt your wax chips inside your dixie cups using the microwave.  You might have a more sophisticated setup for melting your wax - if so, aren't you something!  I added my wax dye chips prior to melting the wax, and melted for 20 second increments - I think it took 5 or so times before the wax started to melt.  Note that you'll need to stir the wax A LOT, as the dye stays chunky unless stirred well!

 I made 3 candles and wanted them each to have the colors in a different order, which means I was doing a lot of batches of colored wax, but you can do whatever you want!  Once the wax is melted, carefully pour it into the tilted glass votives for your first layer.
Be careful not to get the wax on the votive!  I made a few mistakes here... but it's a pain to clean so take your time!   Now wait for the wax to harden - make sure you don't move the votive until it's hardened completely.  When ready, turn the candle around so it's tilting the other way, ready for you to pour in your next layer!  Melt more colored wax, and be just as careful pouring in your second layer.  Remember to wait for it to dry!
Looking good!
For the last layer, you don't need to tilt the candles.  (Finally, right?)  Carefully pour in the rest of your colored wax, and wait for it to harden.

Voila!  Don't they look lovely?  Maybe it is because if my novice candle making skills, but my finished product got this strange whiteness around the glass.  I'm not sure what this is from, but it's strange because earlier in the project this wasn't visible.  I still love how they turned out, but be warned - hopefully this doesn't happen to you!

Wouldn't these also make a lovely gift?  Especially given in a trio, like a set.  Perfect!  Now, if only I can figure out how to get rid of that white stuff...!


  1. Love this project! I wish I knew what the white stuff is or why it showed up! I love it when bloggers are honest about things that didn't go as planned. Because it happens all. the. time. :)