Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What I've Been Listening To Lately: September 2015

1.  Billie Jean by the Civil Wars.  Just this past week, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts Love, Sex and Money (check it out!), and they had an interview with Joy Williams, who is part of the duo known as The Civil Wars.  It was a really great interview, and of course I had to check out her music... and got a little hooked.  I especially love this cover.  You can find the interview here.  

2.  Ways to Go by Grouplove.  I actually first heard this song on the movie trailer for The Intern.  It's one of those typical feel good and super upbeat movie trailer songs, which I'm usually a sucker for...  I honestly think the use of songs in movies is one of the reasons I majored in Cinema Studies.  I love how a great song can evoke the perfect emotion for what you are seeing on screen.  Who knows if it's a good movie - but I liked this song in the trailer!

3.  Good For You by Selena Gomez.  So I have to have a little Top 40 in the mix!  This song was playing in the salon when I was having my hair and makeup done the day of my wedding with my bridesmaids, and something about it got me really pumped up for the day ahead.  It was one of those "this is really happening" moments... and now it reminds me of that moment.

4.  On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons.  This song is my "feel happy" song of the moment.  How do you not feel happy listening to that chorus!  "Cuz I'm on top of the world...been waiting on this for awhile now... been dreaming of this as a child...been holding it in for awhile."

5.  Stiches by Shawn Mendes.  The beat of this song grabs me, especially the chorus.  Something about the way it builds.  Good to listen to while walking around downtown.  

6.  Perdon, Perdon by HA-ASH.  On my honeymoon in Mexico, I heard this song at a fish shack we were eating lunch in.  We were eating some awesome ceviche!  I remember listening to it and having to write down some of the spanish lyrics I could pick out, so I could look it up later.  It reminds me of a good Whitney Houston power ballad, but in spanish.  I love it!  I've also been listening more to this Spanish girl due HA-ASH, and recommend them!

7.  How It's Going to Be by Third Eye Blind.  Throw back song!  I think I was in junior high when this actually came out, but it reminds me of college, when I felt the lyrics really meant something to me.  Somehow it's made it's way back on to my playlist, and reminds me of being younger.  

8.  Running Out of Moonlight by Running Out of Moonlight.  Gratuitous country song of the month!  I  was recently listening to country music at work, and realized that almost every other song I heard was  only about one thing - riding around in a truck with a chick.  I immediately messaged one of my friends from Texas to ask "is this something people do?" and she was like "absolutely!".  Who knew - I guess guys don't own enough trucks here in Seattle!  

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