Saturday, September 5, 2015

Ready to Ring in 2016! New Desk Calendar Etsy Listings

I know, I am SO very ahead of the game to have my 2016 desk calendars ready in SEPTEMBER.  Please hold your applause.  Don't forget - you too can get your ducks in a row early this year by purchasing one of my 2016 desk calendars in September!  :)  

I have 6 different calendars to choose from this year, each with a different theme of holidays that are featured.  There is the Calendar for Foodie's, the Calendar for Lovers and Romantics, the Calendar for Nature Lovers, the Calendar for Animal Lovers, the Calendar for Slackers, and of course your Basic Calendar featuring the normal everyday holidays.  

These are all of the months in my Animal Lovers desk calendar!

Personally, I love the idea of having a new reasons to celebrate every month, which is what inspired me to create these desk calendars.  How can you resist holidays like "National Macaron Day" or "Toasted Marshmallow Day" if you are a food lover?  How about "Squirrel Appreciation Day" or "Love Your Pet Day" if you are an Animal Lover?  Each holiday featured is an official holiday that has been recognized by an act of congress, or has been officially declared by companies, special interest groups, local governments and sports teams.  

Anyway, thank you for reading my sales pitch - I'm SUPER excited about these calendars for the coming year, and hope they will bring some fun into a few people's lives (and workspaces!).  Please check them out in my Etsy Shop - they would make wonderful gifts!  

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